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PAF Air bases and stations

Col. Antonio Bautista Air Base, Puerto Princesa City, Palawan

Runway: 09/27
Position 09 44' 31.50 N 118 45' 31.39 E
Elevation: 71'
Based Units:

4th Tactical Operations Command (formerly 570th Composite Tactical Wing) - OV-10, AUH-76
- Detachment, Rancudo Air Field, Pagasa Island, KIG

505th Search and Rescue Group (Advanced post) - UH-1H

In March 21, 1975, the Puerto Princesa City Airport was improved and restructured and the PAF opened its base known as Puerto Princesa Air Base and since then shared its facilities with the provincial airport of Palawan. Its AOR is Palawan, the entire KIG and the Malampaya Gas field. The Bronco is loaned from 16th Strike Sqn and the Eagle from 20th Air Commando Sqn. 570th Composite Tactical Wing was reorganized into 4th Tactical Operations Command on May 10, 2006. It has a detachment in the KIG, the Rancudo Air Station. but no aircrafts are permanently based here, though regularly visited by C-130 or Naval Islanders on resupply missions or by OV-10 and S.211.
The base was named in honor of Col. Antonio Bautista, a F-86 Sabre Pilot who was killed in action in January 11, 1974 while engaged in a CAS mission against Muslim rebels.

Lt. Cesar Basa Air Base, Floridablanca, Pampanga

Runway: 03/21
Position 14 59' 12 N 120 29' 30 E
Elevation: 151'
Based Units:

5th Fighter Group, Air Defense Wing (formerly 5th Fighter Wing)
- 6th Tactical Fighter Sqn (Cobras) - F5A (decommissioned and without operational aircraft since 2002)
- 7th Tactical Fighter Sqn (Bulldogs) - AS.211
- 8th Tactical Fighter Sqn (Disbanded in January 7, 1968 with the retirement of the F-86D)
- 9th Tactical Fighter Sqn (Disbanded in 1988 with the retirement of the re-engined T-34s. Previously also operated F-86Fs and provided pilots to the UN mission to the Congo)
- 105th Combat Crew Training Sqn - S.211 (also previously operated T-33As and RT-33As. S211s are pooled with the 7th TFS. Unit combat qualifies pilots for the F-5, S.211 and OV-10 units)

540th Air Base Group
- 541st Communications Sqn
- 542nd Base Operations Sqn
- 543rd Civil Engineering Sqn

710th Special Operations Wing
- 5th Special Operations Sqn

5th Air Police Sqn

410th Maintenance Wing
- 415th Supply Sqn

355th Aviation Engineering Wing

431st Field Maintenance Sqn

433rd Maintenance Sqn

434th Avionics Maintenance Sqn

Air Education and Training Command (AETC)
- 105th Combat Crew Training Squadron?

436th Training Sqn

520th Air Base Wing, Air Logistics Command
- 419 Motor Transport Sqn

Basa Air Base Hospital

This air base was once known as 'Fightertown Philippines', the home of the 'Boys of Basa', the 'Pit of the Cobras' the 'Roost of the Fighters'. This was also the place of the PAF's 5th Fighter Group whose F-5 equipped 6th Sqn provided aircraft and pilots to the PAF aerial demonstration team, the 'Blue Diamonds', and the armed AS-211 equipped 7th TFS, which previously operated F-8H Crusaders until 1987 and provides the pilots and aircraft for the "Red Aces" aerial demonstration team are based. This is the haven of the first air defense of the nation.
Built during the early stages of World War II by the United States Army Air Corps, it was then known as Floridablanca Air Field after the Pampanga town to which it is presently located today, After the War, it was turned over to the PAF on May 2, 1947 and the first post-war PAF fighters, the P-51 Mustangs, were transferred here. The base was named in honor of PAAC Lt. Cesar T. Basa, a member of Capt. Villamor's 6th Pursuit Sqn and who became the first Filipino aerial dogfight casualty in Philippine military history.

Gen. Benito Ebuen Air Base, Mactan, Cebu

Runway: 04/22
Position 10 18' 36 N 123 58' 54 E
Elevation: 36
Based Units:

2nd Tactical Operations Wing (with the whole of Visayas, except Palawan as its AOR)
- Tactical Operations Group 7 (TOG 7) - OV-10 (formerly CTG 7, CASF 7)

205th Tactical Operations Wing
- 210th Tactical Operations Sqn (formerly 210th Helicopter Training Sqn also called Breeders) - AUH-76 Eagle, MD520MG, UH-1H
- 451st Organizational Maintenance Sqn (formerly 451 Supply Sqn)
- 452nd Field and Depot Maintenance Sqn
- 453rd Armament and Avionics Sqn

220th Airlift Wing
- 220th Headquarters Sqn (Was moved from Mactan to Villamor then back to Mactan?)
- 204th Airlift Squadron (Disbanded?, flew F-27s under the 205th Airlift Wing)
- 206th Airlift Squadron (Disbanded?, flew F-27s under the 205th Airlift Wing)
- 221st Airlift Squadron - F-27 (formerly 221st Heavy Airlift Sqn flying C123K Providers out of Mactan)
- 222nd Airlift Sqn - C-130B, C-130H, L-100-20 (formerly 222nd Heavy Airlift Sqn)
- 223rd Airlift Sqn - N-22B, N-22C (formerly 223rd Tactical Airlift Sqn)
- 224th Supply Sqn
- 225th Field Maintenance Sqn
- 226th Avionics Maintenance Sqn
- 227th Organizational Maintenance Sqn
- 228th Transport Crew Training Sqn

505th Search and Rescue Group
- 5052nd Search and Rescue Sqn - Bell 205A-1, Bell 214, AUH-76A, UH-1H

560th Air Base Wing

Construction of this large joint military and civil air field commenced in 1956 which now serves the Mactan-Cebu International Airport and the complex houses. This is the air base responsible for the Transport Wing of the PAF, where the Hercules, Fokkers and Nomads are found and based. When fighters are stationed in the area, it is always recognized as the base of the defenders of the Philippine's southern backdoor. The 7th TOG's Broncos are loaned from 16th Strike Sqn. The 20th TOW (formerly 205th Helicopter Wing, 205th Airlift Wing) relocated from Villamor AB in 2001.
In June 1996, Mactan Air Base was renamed Benito Ebuen Air Base in honor of the PAF Commanding General and the pilot of the ill-fated presidential plane 'Mt. Pinatubo' which was carrying President Ramon Magsaysay that crashed in Mt. Manunggal in March 3, 1957, killing all 25 aboard. Gen. Ebuen, who was also a commander of the 5th Fighter Wing, was also famous in piloting the famous PAF P-51 Mustang known as the 'Shark of Zambales'. During World War II, he flew reconnaissance missions for Gen. Jonathan Wainwright before the fall of the Philippines. He then served as a guerrilla in the remainder of the war.

Camp Aquino, Tarlac

Runway: Helicopter strip
Based Units:

1st Tactical Operations Wing
- Tactical Operations Group 3 (TOG 3) - 3 x UH-1H (formerly CTG 3, CASF 3)

Camp Olivas, Tarlac
Runway: Helicopter strip
Based Units:

1st Tactical Operations Wing
- Tactical Air Command Post - UH-1H

Cauayan Air Base

Runway: 12/30
Position 16 55' 45.00" N 121 45' 13.00" E
Elevation: 200'
Based Units:

1st Tactical Operations Wing
- Tactical Operations Sqn - OV-10, UH-1H (formerly CTG 2, CASF 2)

The Broncos are loaned from 16th Strike Sqn.

Airforce City, Angeles City, Pampanga

Runway: 02L/20R, 02R/20L
Position 15 11' 09.6 N 120 33' 37.1 E
Elevation: 478'
Based Units:

Air Defense Alert Center, Air Defense Wing (Reactivated on 2001/02, relocated here from Villamor AB)

1st Tactical Operations Wing

Air Logistics and Support Command
- 355th Aviation Engineering Wing

Air Force Reserve Command

600th Airbase Wing

710th Special Operations Wing (Established January 7, 1992, actually a brigade of Air Force Special Forces troops, consisting of three battalions. Detachments were deployed with the Composite Air Support Forces (CASFs). One squadron was part of the GHQ's Rapid Deployment Force)
- 721st Special Operations Sqn
- 721st Special Operations Sqn
- 722nd Special Operations Sqn
- 723rd Special Operations Sqn

Air Logistics and Support Command
- 410th Materiel Wing (formerly 410th Maintenance Wing)
- 411th Aircraft Systems and Maintenance Sqn
- 412th Communications and Avionics Sqn
- 413th Manufacture and Repair Sqn
- 414th Maintenance, Supply and Support Sqn
- 415th Supply Squadron (5th Fighter Group)
- 417th Maintenance Training Sqn
- 418th POL Management Sqn
- 419th Wing Supply Sqn

In 1920, the United States Military opened Clark Air Base, as part of its installation, Fort Stotsenburg. After World War II it became the largest US Air Base outside the US mainland and served the US 13th Air Force which became the operational USA base in the Far East. On November 21, 1991, though, the base was turned over to the Philippine Government and converted it as an international airport and Special Economic Zone. However, units of the PAF are also stationed in the once sprawling US Air Field located in Angeles City, Pampanga Province.
The base was first named after Maj. Harold Clark who was stationed in the Philippines but died in a seaplane crash in the Panama Canal Zone on May 21, 1919. President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo renamed it in memory of her father, former President Diosdado Macapagal. Now an international airport, it houses local and foreign carriers as well as cargo companies servicing routes to Manila, Cebu, Laoag as well as certain cities in People's Republic of China, South Korea and Taiwan.

Maj. Danilo Atienza Air Base, Sangley Point, Cavite

Runway: 07/25
Position 14 29' 43.0 N 120 54' 14 E
Elevation: 8'
Based Units:

15th Strike Wing
- 16th Strike Sqn - OV-10A, SF260TP (Previously operated AT-28Ds)
- 17th Strike Sqn - MD-520G (Previously operated SF-260WPs)
- 18th Assault Sqn - ??
- 19th Training Sqn - ??
- 20th Air Commando Sqn - AUH-76A (Some S-76s have been transferred to the 505 Air Rescue Group)
- 106th Attack Helicopter Training Sqn - MG-520
- 21st Field Maintenance Sqn
- 22nd Supply Sqn
- 23rd Avionics Maintenance Sqn
- 24th Motor Vehicle Sqn
- 25th Composite Attack Sqn (25th Attack Sqn)
- 27th Search, Rescue and Reconnaissance Sqn (Disbanded. Called "Albatross". Previously operated HU16A/B Albatross and F-27MPA. Also operated BN2A Islander)
- 463rd Avionics and Armament Maintenance Sqn

590th Air Base Group
- 592nd Air Base Sqn
- 594th Air Police Sqn
- 596th Aerodrome Operations Sqn

Air Education and Training Command (AETC)
- 440th Maintenance and Supply Group

Originally named Sangley Air Station, this PAF base is shared together with the Philippine Navy Air Group and the Philippine Naval surface combatant fleet. It is located strategically in Sangley Point, Cavite and used by the United States Navy prior and during World War II until it was handed over to the Philippine Government in September 1, 1971.
It was renamed Atienza Air Base in honor of Maj. Danilo Atienza, an F-5A jet pilot who failed to pull out during a bombing run and crashed in the area while leading a trio of F-5's to destroy the RAM-SFP 'Air Force' during the December 1989 coup attempt against former Pres. Corazon Cojuangco-Aquino. Today, as it has been, the Base houses the 'Bronco', 'TurboChargers' and 'Defenders', equipped 15th Strike Wing of the PAF responsible for the main CAS and COIN air support operations of the AFP. The 15th Strike Wing is the "mother" unit. Aircraft and Sqns are detached/deployed to various Tactical Operations Groups around the Philippines and report operationally to the Tactical Operations Command or to the Air Defense Command depending on where they are deployed, personnel returning from deployment return to the Wing until redeployment.

Edwin Andrews Air Base, Zamboanga

Runway: 09/27
Position 06 55' 20.40 N 122 03' 34.13 E
Elevation: 29'
Based Units:

15th Strike Wing
- Composite Attack Sqn - OV-10, MD520MG, AUH-76 Eagle

3rd Tactical Operations Wing (formerly 3rd Air Division, AOR is in Mindanao)
- Tactical Operations Group 9 (TOG 9) - 9 OV-10, MD520MG, UH-1H (formerly CTG 9, CASF9, Jolo detachment is formerly Sulu Air Task Group)

205th Tactical Operations Wing
- 206th Tactical Operations Sqn (Hornets) - UH-1H

530th Air Base Wing
- 532nd Base Operations Sqn

In December 6, 1956, the PAF established a military base on the eastern end of Zamboanga International Airport. In 1966, an operational PAF Base was established and named as it is called now in honor of Gen. Edwin Andrews, the first Filipino post-war PAF Commander who lost his life when the 'Lili Marlene', a C-47 transport plane carrying him and 16 others crashed in Mt. Makaturing, Lanao province in Mindanao on 18 May 1947. Today, the Base is very active in supporting air operations with Philippine ground forces in their campaign against communist and Muslim insurgents. The Broncos are loaned from 16th Strike Sqn and the MD520 from 17th Strike Sqn. TOG 9 has detachments at Pulacan, Jolo and Sulu.

Lt. Col. Basilio Fernando Air Base, Lipa City, Batangas

Runway: 03/21
Position 13 57' 30 N 121 07' 50 E
Elevation: 1,120'
Based Units:

443rd Field Depot Maintenance Sqn

550th Air Base Group
- 553rd Civil Engineering Sqn
- 555th Motor Vehicle Sqn

Fernando Air Base Hospital

1303rd Dental Dispensary

Known in the past as Lipa City Army Air Base, after Lipa City of Batangas Province. The base was built by the Japanese Armed Forces in 1942 after their victory using Philippine and American prisoners on forced labor. It was then the home of the PAF's Training Base, the 'Air Force Academy Campus', until the unit was transferred to Rajah Buayan AB in southern Philippines.
The base was turned over to the PAF in May 2, 1948 and was named as it is now in honor of Lt. Colonel Basilio Fernando, a Philippine airman who was killed in the United States in January 21, 1946 during a training flight on a B-25 Mitchell medium Bomber in Oklahoma, USA.

Col. Jesus Villamor Air Base, Pasay City

Runway: 06/24, 13/31
Position 14 30' 36 N 121 0' 50 E
Elevation: 75'
Based Units:

Air Defense Wing (formerly Air Defense Command)
- 1st Tactical Operations Wing (formerly 1st Air Division)

220th Airlift Wing
- 221st Airlift Sqn - F-27-200

250th Presidential Airlift Wing (formerly 700th Special Mission Wing)
- 250th Headquarters Sqn
- 251st Presidential Airlift Sqn - F-27-200, F-28-3000 (formerly 701st Sqn)
- 252nd Helicopter Sqn - Bell 212, Bell 412, SA330L, S-76, S-70A-5 (formerly 702nd Sqn)
- 253rd Security Sqn
- 254th Supply and Support Sqn
- 255th Field Maintenance Sqn
- Special Mission Group - no aircraft (long disbanded?, used DHC-2 Beaver)
- 291st Special Mission Sqn
- 300th Special Mission Unit (Disbanded. Now part of the 710 Special Operations Wing)
- 301st Special Mission Sqn

300th Air Intelligence Group
- 303rd Air Reconnaissance Sqn - RC690 (previously also F-27MPA)

900th Weather Support Group
- 901st Weather Sqn - Cessna T210G, T-41

505th Search and Rescue Group (Angels) - (Previously under the 205th Helicopter Wing in 1996, now an independent command)
- 5051st Search and Rescue Sqn - Bell 205A-1, Bell 214, AUH-76A, UH-1H

501st Communications Sqn

520th Air Base Wing
- 521st Air Police Sqn
- 522nd Base Operations Sqn
- 523rd Civil Engineering Sqn
- 524th Supply Sqn
- 526th Air Base Sqn (Working Bees)
- 527th Base Security Sqn
- 529th Military Police Sqn

410th Materiel Wing (formerly 410th Maintenance Wing)
- 411th Aircraft Systems and Maintenance Sqn
- 412th Communications and Avionics Sqn
- 413th Manufacture and Repair Sqn
- 414th Maintenance, Supply and Support Sqn
- 415th Supply Sqn (5th Fighter Group)
- 417th Maintenance Training Sqn
- 418th POL Management Sqn
- 419th Wing Supply Sqn

Air Logistics Command
- 420th Supply Wing
- Research and Development Center
- 421st Inventory Management Sqn
- 423rd Warehousing and Brokerage Sqn
- 425th Supply and Support Sqn
- 426th PAF Supermart
- 427th Armaments and Munitions Sqn
- 428th POL Management Sqn
- 429th Publications and Distribution Sqn

Air Education and Training Command (AETC)
- 3005th Air Intelligence Training School

Air Command and Staff College (ACSC)
Air Force Civil Relation Center (reorganized and re-designated Air Force Triad Coordinating Center)
Air Force Finance Center
Air Force General Hospital
Air Force Holding Center
PAF Procurement Center
1301st Dental Dispensary
Air Intelligence Division? (AIRD)
Special Mission Group (COIN)
419th Transport Service Group
650th Air Support Group
Air Force Management Information Center
Air Traffic Control Group
770th Surface-to-Air Weapons Wing (SAWW) - Unit still to be organized, to control SAM units at all PAF bases (once they have been procured).

The main headquarters of the PAF, the air base was originally named Nichols Field and was used by American and Filipino Air Corps units prior to World War II. In was turned over to the PAF on January 1948. It is presently located in Pasay City at the heart of Metro Manila, adjacent to Ninoy Aquino International Airport.
The base was named after Col. Jesus Villamor, the Air Force's first Medal of Valor recipient and Sqn Commander of the Fighting 6th Pursuit Sqn who engaged the Japanese Imperial Air Force during World War II.

Laoag International Airport, Laoag City, Ilocos Norte

Runway: 01/19
Position 18 10' 41.13 N 120 31' 53.48E
Elevation: 20'
Based Units:

1st Tactical Operations Wing
- PAF Detachment - MG-520

205th Tactical Operations Wing
- 207th Tactical Operations Sqn (Stinger) - UH-1H (nickname once belonged to the 208th Air Transport Sqn flying C-47s)

505th Search and Rescue Group
- 5056th Search and Rescue Sqn - Bell 205A-1, AUH-76A, UH-1H

Loakan Airport, Baguio City

Runway: 09/27
Position 16 22' 30.32" N 120 37' 08.19" E
Elevation: 4,251'
Based Units:

1st Tactical Operations Wing
Tactical Operations Group 1 (TOG 1) - 1 x OV-10 MG-520 (formerly CTG 1, CASF 1)

The Bronco is loaned from 16th Strike Sqn and the MD520 from 17th Strike Sqn.

Lucena City

Runway: Unpaved/Helicopter strip
Based Units:

1st Tactical Operations Wing
- Tactical Operations Group 4 (TOG 4) - 4 x UH-1H (formerly CTG 4, CASF 4)

Rajah Buayan Air Base, General Santos City, South Cotabato

Runway: 01/19
Position 6 6' 20.002 N 125 14' 2.000 E
Elevation: 28'
Based Units:

3rd Tactical Operations Wing
- Tactical Operations Group 11 (TOG 11) (formerly CTG 11, CASF 11)

300th Air Intelligence Group

710th Special Operations Wing
- 740th Combat Group

Explosive Ordnance Sqn and K-9 Sqn (formerly 720th Special Operations Group)

Air Education and Training Command (AETC)
- 101st Pilot Training Sqn - T-41D
- 102nd Pilot Training Sqn (Musangs) - SF-260TP, SF-260WP
- 103rd Student Squadron?
- 104th Composite Training Squadron?

This is the newest of PAF's installations and the most southerly based. It is now home of the PAF's 100th Training Wing, responsible for the education and training of all PAF personnel, enlisted and reserve officers alike. The 100th Training Wing was reorganized into AETC on September 22, 1999.
Located in General Santos City, it was named after the Southern Cotabato native leader who led his men, the Buayans, in a battle in 1596 and repulsed the first Spanish attempt to colonize in what is now known as the province of South Cotabato. This base was formerly used as the primary airport of General Santos until the new General Santos City airport was opened.

Davao Air Base, Davao, Sasa

Runway: 01/19
Position 7 7' 18 N 125 38' 30 E
Based Units:

505th Search and Rescue Group
-5053rd Search and Rescue Sqn - Bell 205A-1, Bell 214, AUH-76A, UH-1H (AOR covers Mindanao)

Deployment in Mindanao. 5053rd SRS has moved from Rajah Buayan AB by 2005.

Southern Luzon

Runway: Helicopter strips
Based Units:

205th Tactical Operations Wing
- 209th Tactical Operations Sqn (Hawkeye) - UH-1H

There are several small helicopter platforms in the area.

Totolan Dauis, Bohol

Based Units:

205th Tactical Operations Wing
- 208th Tactical Operations Sqn (Dagger) - UH-1H
- 211th Attack Helicopter Sqn (Totolan) - MD520MG, UH-1H

2nd Tactical Operations Wing
- Tactical Operations Group 8 (TOG 8) (formerly CTG 8, CASF 8)
- Tactical Operations Sqn (formerly 208th Tactical Operations Sqn, 208th Helicopter Sqn)

Bacolod Airport

Based Units:

2nd Tactical Operations Wing
- Tactical Air Control Party

Legaspi Airport

Based Units:

2nd Tactical Operations Wing
- Tactical Operations Group 5 (TOG 5)? (formerly CTG 5, CASF 5)

Mandurria Airfield

Based Units:

2nd Tactical Operations Wing
- Tactical Operations Group 6 (TOG 6) (formerly CTG 6, CASF 6)

Air/Radar Stations

Air/Radar Stations
Radar stations were in used during the 60's to the 80's and covers the entire Luzon area and parts of Visayas. These stations primarily provide ground direction for the F-5's and F-8's and worked in conjunction with the then American radars in Clark and Subic. PAF radars covers during the day and the USAF handles nighttime intercepts. By the time the Americans left, radar coverage was nearly zero reducing the F-5's effectiveness and partly led to its decommissioning. Some of the stations received equipment left from the American bases, particularly the AN/TPS-32 Automatic 3-Dimensional Tactical Long-Range Surveillance Radar which is a transportable radar for the HAWK AD system, unverified reports including from Jane's Weapons Systems '84-'85 edition of HAWK SAM emplacements being employed by the AFP, are apparently USAF HAWK systems but tied to the Philippine Air Defense System (PADS), therefor included in the Order of Battle. When the Americans left, a single mobile 3-D radar was reportedly acquired but minus the SAM, and is believed to be emplaced in Rio Tuba, Palawan. With the country enmeshed in the Kalayaan Island Group dispute and the protection of the Malampaya Gas platform, several radars were quickly brought to operational status although most of them are online for a limited duration. Only Wallace Air Station is said to be fully operational as of 2006. All units report directly to the Air Defense Wing, Air Defense Alert Center in Air Force City regardless of location though units like Zamboanga and Rio Tuba also report operationally to local operational wings. The Air Defense Wing's funtion it to provide air defense and air space control throughout the Philippine Air Defense Identification Zone (PADIZ). All of these stations are owned and manned by PAF personnel and are separate from the joint ATO-PAF manned ATC radars.

Camp Susana Radar Station, Upper Ayala, Zamboanga City (Radar equipment, Japanese mobile radar)**
Gozar Air Station, Lubang Island, Occidental Mindoro (Radar equipment, 2D, covers Western corridor)*
Mt. Salakot Radar Station, Palawan (Incomplete)**
Pasuquin Air Station, Ilocos Norte*
Paranal Air Station (Radar equipment, 2D)**
Paredes Air Station (Radar equipment, 2D, covers Northern Luzon, 50 mi range)**
Rio Tuba Radar Station, Palawan (Radar equipment, 3D, coverage 394,000 sq mi; 210 mi range)**
Wallace Air Station, La Union (Radar equipment, 3D, covers Northern corridor)

* Radar system are currently off-line
** Status currently unknown, probably off-line.

thanks to Manokski, Bat21 and for the infos.

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