AFPMTSA Links/Online Info Sources

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Official AFP websites

Armed Forces of the Philippines website
Phillipine Army website
Philippine Navy website
Philippine Airforce website
Department of National Defense website
Philippine Coast Guard website
Government Arsenal website

Unofficial AFP websites

Opus 224's Unofficial Philippine Defense Page
Manokski's AFP Order of Battle
Batwentyone's immortal PA/ PAF site
Philippines Defense Forces Forum

General/Defense/Military related sites

Janes Defence Online
World Navies
Naval Ships
Armored Fighting Vehicles Database
Gary's combat aircraft reference guide
Gary's combat vehicle reference guide
Gary's US infantry reference guide
World Guns
US Army fact site
PAF plane pics
Warbird Alley PAF OrBat
Air Forces of the Philippines
Floro International Corporation


AFP Weapons Systems in .txt format
Sun Tzu's Art of War e-book from Project: Gutenberg

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