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Philippine Air Force (Hukbong Panghimpapawid ng Pilipinas)

Personnel Strength: over 17,000 regular personnel
Headquarters: Colonel Jesus Villamor Airbase, Pasay City


To organize, train and equip forces for prompt and sustained air operations in support to the AFP mission and the national government's objectives, and to provide assistance to support forces.

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1. The defense of Philippine airspace.
2. Close air support to combat forces.
3. Aerial photography and reconnaissance.
4. Development of doctrines and tactics for air operations.
5. Participation in the national development.

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A Philippine Air Force that is a credible air armory with highly-skilled, dedicated personnel, capable to pursue its mandate of being the country's primary line of defense against foreign aggression.

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The Philippine Air Force is administered through the Department of National Defense (DND). Under the AFP structure, the Chief of Staff, AFP (CSAFP), a four-star general, is the most senior military officer. The senior Air Force officer is the Commanding General, PAF (CG, PAF), usually with a rank of Brigadier General. He or she, along with his or her Army and Navy counterparts, is junior only to the CSAFP. The CG, PAF is solely responsible for the administration and operational status of the Air Force.

The Air Force is organized into Headquarters and five commands: Air Defense Wing (formerly AD Command), Tactical Operations Command (TOC), Air Education and Training Command (AETC), Air Logistics and Supply Command (ALSC), and Air Reserve Command (ARC).

Air Staff
Commanding General PAF
Vice Commander PAF
Chief of Air Staff
Secretary of Air Staff

Coordinating Staff (Assistant Chief of Air Staff)
Personnel (A1)
Intelligence (A2)
Operations, Civil Military Operations, Training and Education (A3)
Logistics (A4)
Plans and Programs (A5)
Communication-Electronics and Information Systems (A6)
Reservist and Force Development (A7)

Personal Staff
Chief, OESPA
Air Force Inspector General
Director, Air Force Safety Office
Chief, Resource Management Office
Chief, Internal Audit
Director, Office of the Special Studies
Director, Public Information Office
Command Sergeant Major

Special Staff
Air Force Adjutant
Air Dental Surgeon
Chief, Nursing Service
Air Judge Advocate
Chief Surgeon
Air Force Chief of Engineers
Chief Air Chaplain
Air Force Provost Marshall
Director, Project Management Staff Office
Chief, Management Fiscal Office
Chief, Historical and Cultural Activities

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Plans are underway for the acquisition of transitional multi-role fighters, with the prime candidates being offered are New Zealand's A-4 'Skyhawks', American F-16A/B 'Falcon', IAI's Kfir C.7s and Dassault Mirage F.1s. The PAF has also sent teams to evaluate South Korean F5E 'Tigershark' and the Swedish JAS-39 Grippen in 1998. Other projects include refitting/refurbishing various type of aircrafts bringing them to operational status, including five MD-520MG 'Defender' brought to operational status by the 15th Strike Wing's 460th Maintenance and Supply Group. Refurbishing non-operational (NOR) assets involved reinstallation of lacking aircraft parts and thoroughly repairing damaged airframe sections to make them airworthy. AFRDC provided locally manufactured parts while other components are sourced from abroad or salvaged from crashed and beyond repair units. From July 2005 up to the 1st quarter 2006, a total of eight aircraft of various types were made operational after completing repairs. The PAF together with the ATO, also has reactivated the ATO's surveillance radar in Tagaytay City in June 2006, and will be joint operating the station following a MOA, with the radar being operated by ATO personnel and the monitoring equipment operated by PAF personnel.

- Under the Huey II upgrade program, a licensing agreement with the U.S. Government and Bell Helicopter Textron Inc. provided a team of engineers to assist the PAF in upgrading one UH-1H on December 2003, transferring the skills needed to independently upgrade its UH-1H fleet. The program initially called for 10 units to be upgraded but was reduced to 2 with the rest of the budget diverted to acquire twenty zero-timed Hueys.
- Four ex-Royal Thai Air Force (RTAF) OV-10C Broncos transferred on September 2003 as aid

- Second batch of 4 ex-Royal Thai Air Force (RTAF) OV-10C Broncos transferred on May 2004.

- Four units (out of 20 units) UH-1H helicopters were acquired on May 2005 from Singapore Technologies Aerospace of Singapore and under the US EDA for Php 1,130 million, 6 more UH-1H delivered in July 2006.

-Acquired a Fokker F27-500, from Aeroglobe of Indonesia with a contract price of Php 95 million.
- The PAF has had its remaining OV-10As undergo a Service Life Extension Program in 2005 for Php 245.76 million, undertaken by Marsh Aviation and Aeromart and completed by September 2006.

- First 6 (out of 20) MG-520 turbine engines delivered to the PAF under direct procurement (FMS), with a total contract price of Php 240 million. Another batch reportedly delivered on August 2010. Several MG-520s with the refurbished engines were already operational as of 2010.

- F 28-3000 #1250 back to operational status after D-check plus IRAN, by Indopelita Aircraft Services in Jakarta, Indonesia on March 2009.
- Acquired 16 units T-41D basic trainers from South Korea as military aid.

- Eight brand new (out of 18) SF.260FH primary trainers delivered in two four-aircraft batches in September 2010 by Alenia Aermacchi for $13.8 million. Assembled locally by Aerotech Industries.
- Final 5 UH-1H Hueys from POTUS program, acquired through EDA and refurbished through FMS were delivered on November 2010.

- Last batch of SF.260FH primary trainers were fully delivered on June 2011

- First batch of 4 (out of 8) units W-3A 'Sokol' helicopters delivered on February 2012.
- Second batch of 2 (out of 8) units W-3A 'Sokol' helicopters delivered on November 2012.

- Last batch of 2 (out of 8) units W-3A 'Sokol' helicopters fully delivered on 19 February 2013.

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Fleet Information

Operational Aircrafts

9 OV-10A/C
6 S.211 (speculative)
12+10 SF.260MP/WP/F (speculative)
25 T-41D (speculative)
2 F-27MPA
1 F-28
1 N-22
1 C-130H

15 MD520G (speculative)
8 W-3A
45 UH-1H (speculative)
11 S-76
5 B-205A-1 (speculative)
1 Huey II
1 Bell 212
2 Bell 412 SP
2 Bell 412 EP
1 Bell 214 (speculative)
2 SA 330
1 S-70C (speculative)

Total Aircrafts in Inventory (including Operational)

31 OV-10A/C
12 S.211
43 SF.260MP/WP/F
29 T-41D
10 F-27-200 (including 1 F-27-200 MPA)
1 F-28-3000
5 N.22B
8 C-130 (speculative)

20 MD 520G
95 UH-1H/ Bell 205A
14 S-76
8 B-205A-1 (speculative)
1 Huey II
1 Bell 212
2 Bell 412 SP
5 Bell 412 EP
1 Bell 214
1 S-70C

Support Vehicles
M-35 trucks
KIA M-250 trucks
M-151 jeeps
KIA M-450
Toyota Lite Ace
Mitsubishi L-300
CMC Cruiser jeeps
Delta Motors Mini-cruiser Jeeps


19?? - T-28D
19?? - T-33
2006 - Northrop F-5A (15 units, including 2 operational)

thanks to Manokski for some of the info.

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